Tuesday, January 1, 2019

We finally have our new home!

On December 29th I drove the truck to Portland, Oregon to pick up our new Outdoors RV Timber Ridge 24RLS travel trailer.
Our new trailer!

The nice staff at Apache Camping Center walked me through how to operate the trailer systems and answered all of my clueless newbie questions. Having never owned or towed a travel trailer before, there was so much information!  My head was spinning.

After about an hour of orientation they handed me a giant ring of keys and helped me navigate our new trailer out of the parking lot and off into the abyss.
It was some EXTREMELY cautious driving since Jason wasn't with me for the maiden voyage. Luckily my first stop was only 30 minutes away and despite howling wind and rain, everything went smoothly on the drive over. Not wanting to attempt backing up the trailer on my first night, I had pre-booked a lovely pull-thru spot at Pheasant Ridge RV resort in Willsonville, OR.

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