Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The National Bison Range

I left early this morning with the intention of visiting the Windmill Village Bakery for a doughnut.  I read an article claiming it was the best doughnut in all of Montana, so of course I had to find out for myself. A 20 minute drive to the north and I had my hands on one.

The verdict... pretty good. Reminded me much more of very thick fry bread than a doughnut but served warm, soft, and very tasty.  The place is only open 3 days a week and they had a steady line going while I was there.  Single doughnuts were handed out right away but larger orders were being made on demand while you wait.  The owners seemed very nice and the line moved along quickly.

After scarfing my doughnut down in the drivers seat of the truck because it was too cold and windy to stand outside, I did a quick Yelp search looking for something else to do in the area. The National Bison Range turned out to be only 15 minutes away, so I went to check it out without really knowing what it was other than another stamp in my National Parks passport and another chance to use my annual pass. Great!

The National Bison Range is an approximately 18,500 acre sanctuary for bison established by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908.  There are two main scenic drives you can take in the park. 

1. Prairie Drive – a 14-mile round-trip out and back with little elevation gain.

2. Red Sleep Mountain – a 19-mile one-way loop that goes over the mountain.

Both drives are on dirt roads with a max speed of 25 MPG. Posted signs tell you to stay inside your car and there are only a few marked walking trails along the way.

The dogs and I chose the Prairie Drive and were rewarded right away with a small herd of bison lumbering along near the road within the first mile.  Frankie was especially interested in them and all the snorting and grunting noises that they were making. 

We also spotted elk, pronghorn antelope, and some of the cutest little chipmunks I have ever seen.  The whole drive with stopping to view wildlife took us nearly two hours.

Monday, July 8, 2019

A Newbie Mistake and Pizza

It's been a quiet day here in Missoula. I only went out once to pick up silicone for the toilet seal that's been leaking 🤢  And then guess what happened?  I accidentally emptied the black tank while the gray water valve was still open. 


I know this is supposed to be an RV no-no but online research doesn't seem to tell me what the repercussions are? I've also done a quick mental walk-through of what I envision our camper plumbing system looks like internally and can't see how there would be any contamination... sooo? Several tank rinse cycles and a bit of bleach to the rescue.  

Live and learn I guess.

Yesterday, Jason and I had the most wonderful pizza at a place called Biga Pizza in downtown Missoula.  The place was packed when we got there and we had to wait 45 minutes for a seat at the bar but it was totally worth it.  

I started with a Trout Slayer pale ale from Big Sky Brewing Co which was very good and I quickly ordered a second one when our pizza came.  We both had salads which were available in small sizes. I had the caprese and Jason had a mixed green.  Both were tasty but the pizza... oh, the pizza.  One was mushroom & arugula and the other was an Italian salami.  It's been a while since I had a good pizza and this one was fantastic! 

If you are in Missoula I highly recommend Biga Pizza.