Sunday, August 25, 2019

Yellowstone Day 3: Gardiner and the Lamar Valley

As much as I was hoping to spot some bears in the park today, it turns out that this would be a good day for seeing elk - lots of elk sightings throughout the park.

I started the morning with a trip into the town of Gardiner to look for some decent WiFi to send e-mails.  The AT&T and Verizon signal at Mammoth campground can be spotty to nonexistent during peak hours of the day.  Along with good coffee, I found great free WiFi and a comfortable place to sit and work at Wonderland Cafe & Lodge

The little town of Gardiner sits right outside of the north entrance to Yellowstone and along with enough Yellowstone gift and trinket shops to entertain the most heavily laden tourist bus, there is also a good variety of lodging and dining options.   

After a little exploring around town I stopped by Yellowstone Pizza Company for lunch and ordered pizza which was okay and a huckleberry cream ale from Laughing Dog Brewing (Idaho) that was very good.

Before heading back to Mammoth campground for the afternoon I stopped to take a look at the historic Roosevelt Arch which was dedicated in 1903 and stands at the original entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

In the evening I decided to load the dogs up in the truck and take a drive towards the Lamar Valley to see if we could spot some wildlife.  

Frankie is all about the wildlife viewing after our last slow drive in the National Bison Range.

It wasn't long into our Lamar Valley evening drive before we hit our first official "bison-jam".  A huge herd of bison were lumbering along on both sides of the road, as well as crossing and walking right down the middle.  It was funny to watch how they would stand right in the middle of the road blocking traffic while looking completely unperturbed and in no hurry to move.

Pronghorn Antelope

The baby bison are adorable.

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