Friday, September 6, 2019

The Madison River - One for the Fly Fishing Bucket List

Ennis, Montana:  Fly fishing the Madison River is one of those bucket list items Jason and I have been talking about from the beginning of our RV life daydreaming.  It is also the main reason we put Montana on our must-do destination list in this first year on the road.

This week we came to the town of Ennis, Montana - "the heart of the world's best fly fishing" to finally see the famous Madison River for ourselves and to hopefully catch a few trout.

We have been staying at Ennis RV Village which sits along Hwy 287 just a mile north of town.  From here we have easy access to a variety of fishing locations along the Madison with just a few miles of driving.

On August 29th we drove 10 miles south into Bear Trap Canyon to try some wade fishing below the Madison Dam.
Lunch break in Bear Trap Canyon

Fighting a Brown

A Canyon Brown

Great Blue Heron was out fishing today too
Pretty Rainbow

On August 30th we tried fishing in the evening about 10 miles north of Ennis at the Varney Bridge access.  We waded downstream about a half mile into some braids but Jason only landed a couple of small trout.  While walking back up river we ran into a porcupine along the trail.  He was small and in no big hurry to move along so we could pass by him, so we waited patently and took a few pictures as he slowly climbed into some trees next to the path.

Casting below Varney Bridge

Little Rainbow

Pokey Porcupine

Sunset along the river with Madison Range in the distance

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