Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Fast Forward - Four Months and a One Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but nearly 4 months has slipped by since our little home on wheels was parked on the rim of the Little Grand Canyon in Utah.

Welcome to my "Holy Crap, RV life is Awesome!" moment in Utah

Since that time we have traveled another 1500+ miles from Utah to Nevada and back to Southern California searching for sunny skies and warm weather to spend the winter days. One of my goals when leaving Alaska last year was to see a whole winter without below 0 temperatures or snow. Unfortunately South Lake Tahoe was not on board with this year's NO SNOW policy.

One member of the crew was happy to see snow in September

As of December, we’ve been on the road for one full year. This travel blog is unfortunately lagging way behind. I don't have a valid reason for this other than that I regretfully chose not to bring my desktop computer along when we left our storage unit in Oregon and editing photos on my little 7 yr old HP laptop is just an exercise in futility. Don't even get me started on my attempts to edit a video! It's a wonder the laptop didn't meet a watery death at the bottom of Henry's Lake back in Idaho.

  A Year in Travel:  12 Photos From 12 Months of RV Living


We did some cold and sunny hiking at Oswald State Park, Oregon


I got snowed in at Seven Feathers Casino Resort while trying to get to sunny California


We took a coastal hike near Pacifica, California


Patience produced a cutthroat trout at Pyramid Lake, Nevada


We spent one fantastic spring month in Cannon Beach, Oregon


We try our first dry camping at Mecca Flat on the Deschutes River, Oregon



 There was a change in the scenery as we moved east toward Idaho


I fell in love with this view at Henry's Lake, Idaho

Our son spent time with us at Joe's Valley, Utah

I visited my birthplace in Laguna Beach, California

This incredible view of Mission Bay was out my window in San Diego, California

We spot some impressive cactus near Palm Springs, California

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