Thursday, May 28, 2020

Last Days in Oregon

Portland, Oregon:  It's true.  After 10 weeks of sheltering-in-place, it's finally time to move on.  I wish I could say that I'm off to roam around the country freely again but that's not the case in this current pandemic situation... not yet!  This week I will be making a very long drive to a new (and free!) shelter-in-place location on family land in Northern Minnesota.

I have a bunch of errands to run this week in preparation for my long drive east to the Midwest.  Number 1 on the list - espresso beans!

Having lived in the Midwest for 7 years, I have a pretty good heads-up on the coffee situation over there.  In short, it stinks.  Yes, I know in big cities like Minneapolis and Chicago you can find great coffee, but for the most part the Midwest is a coffee wasteland.  J and I have figured out that the quickest and most accurate way to judge a Midwestern barista is by their quizzical look when we order an espresso shot.  "You just want espresso?  No water or milk in that?"

Yes, we are West Coast coffee snobs 

My second pre-departure errand included a trip to the tire shop to have 3 brand new tires installed on the travel trailer.  Last week while retrieving something from underneath, I discovered that the inner treads of my tires were completely bald.  Good thing I saw this before embarking on a 1600 mile solo road trip!  For anyone who is looking, the Les Schwab in Wilsonville, Oregon has really convenient pull-through lanes for RVs and they were pleasant to deal with.

For the past 10 weeks I have been riding out the pandemic at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort in Wilsonville, Oregon.  I wasn't originally planning to be here, but after having my state park stay cut short with less than 24 hours notice on March 22, and then having the following two months of Oregon coast reservations unceremoniously cancelled on me - well, I feel grateful to have gotten a spot here and thankful that they have remained opened throughout this whole situation.  I know many full-timers were left scrambling for options when the pandemic first hit.

This park is very clean with lovely landscaping and paved level mostly pull-through sites.  They have a very nice laundry room (thankfully open during the pandemic) and a pool which was closed.  

I stayed in the upper level of the park in site #111.  I've had a decent WiFi signal here, and enjoyed having a few trees around me for shade when the temperatures suddenly rocketed into the 80's this week.  My 10 week stay has been mostly quiet.

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