Friday, May 1, 2020

My RV Life: The Pandemic Edition

489 Days on the Road

Portland, Oregon:  Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and sane this week.  It's been a mostly grey and rainy one here, but I guess that makes it easier to stay home in these pandemic times.  Like everyone else, I'm trying to find balance in our world turned completely upside down.  If everything had gone as planned I'd be enjoying some artfully made cappuccinos and early morning walks on the beach with my honey and the dogs.  Obviously, that won't be happening any time soon.  The coffee shops are closed, the entire coastline is shut down to visitors, and my honey is currently locked down indefinitely in Saudi Arabia.  It's astounding how quickly our world has changed.

Here's what life in the RV looked like this week.

Homemade t-shirt mask - attempt #1

Full face shields deployed at the gas pump yesterday

At least one of us can get a haircut during this pandemic

Lucky to be sheltering in this place 

A rare sunny day

Takeout star of the week - Vegetarian Nashville Hot from Native Foods Cafe

Sign of the times

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