Thursday, May 7, 2020

My RV Life: Week 70

497 Days on the Road

Portland, Oregon: It's day 45 of Oregon's stay-at-home order. I've been losing track of which day of the week it is. At one point I was sure it was Tuesday when it was actually Friday.

Here's a look at what life in the RV looked like this week - spoiler alert - I did a whole bunch of nothing. Really. Absolutely nothing worth sharing this week. Instead, I think I'll share some pictures from our February trip down to Los Algodones, Mexico. Like most visitors to Los Algodones, we went there for the purpose of checking out some of the optical and dental tourism on offer. We ended up spending an entire day exploring the friendly little border town and had a great time. We ate a really nice Mexican lunch at Los Molcas and Jason had his teeth cleaned, picked up 2 new sets of prescription glasses, and had an hour long massage. All in all, a very successful day.

From truck parking to Mexico - 4 minutes. No border checks going in, just walk across 

Checking out the wall from the Mexican side 

Street view, Los Algodones 

According to Google, there are over 350 practicing dentists in this little town 

Los Molcas - Free taco any time 

Taco al Pastor at Los Molcas 

Our whole lunch - the fresh tortillas were amazing 

We found some pretty little courtyards hidden off the main drag 

Back home after a long day of exploring in Mexico 

Happy Hour 

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