Sunday, June 28, 2020

Settling In

Hackensack, MN:  Welcome to small town Northern Minnesota, population 310 + 1.  The dogs and I have been getting settled into our new summer semi-quarantine location for a little over a week now.  Lilly the lab is overjoyed to have her own dock and lake for swimming this summer.  I bought her a brand new throwing dummy last week and as far as she is concerned, life is good.

The little town of Hackensack is pretty quiet, especially now during the pandemic.  It feels like the perfect place to distance through the summer.  I hardly see anyone on my morning walks and I've noticed that the locals are being fairly compliant with mask wearing in the little town grocery store and post office.  It's good to see people caring and looking out for their neighbors in this way.

Mooch-docked for the summer
Other than catching up on projects, my days are settling in to a familiar routine. Coffee and news in the morning, a walk and swim with the dogs, bike riding in the afternoon, lots of critter sightings, and beautiful sunsets over the lake for the evening. I am still missing Jason, but it looks like it will be a quiet summer at the lake.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

My RV Life: Week 75

533 Days on the Road

Devils Lake, North Dakota:  As I write this post, I'm currently mooch-docking in my daughter's driveway in North Dakota.  My drive from Oregon to here has been long and mostly uneventful - 1,391 miles.  I did the drive in two 600+ mile chunks with a 4 day break in the middle.  Not my favorite way to travel.

On Monday, I plan to complete the last 250 miles to Northern Minnesota where I'll be parking on some family land until Jason can return home from Saudi Arabia.  We still don't know how long that will be.  There are hopeful signs that things are slowly opening up around the world, but it's hard to know what will happen with international flights.  For now, we wait.

Here's what life in the RV looked like this past week.
Site #55 at the Billings, Montana KOA

He let me get so close

Afternoon storm brewing

Made a quick detour in Bozeman, Montana

By far the best wash they've had so far in Minot, North Dakota

White Horse Hill National Game Preserve

Prairie Dog Town